Comedian Andy Gold to Perform at FOTS Lunch

Andy Gold lives in Utah and writes and tells damn good jokes. The winner of the Salt Lake Comedy Festival, Andy has performed in festivals and competitions all over the country, including the Boston Comedy Festival, Ventura Comedy Festival, Rocky Mountain Laugh Off, San Diego Comedy Festival, Laugh Your Ashville Off, and Idaho Laugh Fest. Andy draws humor from all parts of his life, including his struggles with addiction, making Andy a favorite on the recovery circuit across the country. His damn good jokes have also appeared on Comedy Time TV, Hulu, and Nick Mom (which is impressive since Andy is definitely not a mom). A prolific writer, Andy’s material runs the gamut from being a recovering addict, to dating, to family, and to working at his dad’s produce stand--all tied together by one thing, and one thing only: really big laughs.

If you want to add some laughs to your conference weekend, be sure to choose the registration-lunch combo when registering as this is the only way to catch Andy's act while at FOTS. Tickets for the lunch are limited, so book them now. We are not a glum lot, and Andy's generous offer to give us the opportunity to laugh while we lunch is very much appreciated! Thanks Andy!

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