Mildred F. Coming to FOTS!

Sunday Morning's Spiritual Speaker is Mildred F., and we are thrilled to have her come share her message with us at FOTS 2016.

A dynamic speaker, Mildred was first invited to share her message after just three years of sobriety, which was nearly forty years ago. After retiring from teaching in 1994, she has since devoted her life to sharing at conferences and retreats, Big Book studies and workshops in Canada, the United States, and Europe. During her years in AA, Mildred has held numerous positions, including chairing the Ontario Regional Conference in the early 1990s. She knows the value of service and sponsorship and holds fast to AA’s “Design for Living.”

“At this stage of my life,” she says, “I consider myself very much alive and engaged in growing spiritually. Thank God for the addiction that forced me to concede or die.”

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